Full Treatment 120 RSO Capsules



Full Treatment 120 RSO Capsules

FULL TREATMENT CAPSULES [Each capsule is 0.5 grams]

Recommended: Stage 2-4

For those seeking the Full Treatment of 60 grams, capsules are a convenient way to get medicated. Included is (120) RSO capsules, cheaper than buying individually. Take 1-2 per day.

Type: Indica Hybrid

THC: 93.01%

Terpenes: 100%

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) capsules are full spectrum, high potency, and contains fully activated THC, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Chlorophyl, and Carotenoids.

***Note: RSO color will be lighter than image. RSO color is determined by the level of filtration and the types of strains used.

Full Treatment 120 RSO Capsules How to use RSO

The two most common ways to consume RSO are orally and topically. Rick Simpson himself used it as a topical to cure his skin cancer, although it’s been said his physician did not condone and cannot confirm this as a cure.

How long does RSO take to work?

RSO requires weeks to acclimate to without intoxication. Results may be felt within a few days, but most report significant differences in symptoms once they have reached the one-gram-per-day threshold, which may take up to five weeks, depending on the individual.

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Customer Reviews

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Jefferson njang

This changed my life . Thanks once more for the support and successful delivery.

100% overall quality service

100% overall quality service.
100% fast discreet shipping.
100% trust
If you need a safe discreet place to order RSO or CBD products this is the place.
Superb customer service, thank you Julia

Tonny wick

Although I have not received my order yet, I have every confidence that there will not be any issues. I spent copious amounts of time researching RSO, and I was getting worried that I would not be able to source what I was looking for until I stumbled across the team at RSO team Oil. They are extremely helpful friendly and truly feel I have secured a relationship with a forthright company who I will be dealing with, for as long as I have the need to.

Gillian moenroe

I have found the RSO oil really helpful for my chronic pain condition. I was unsure to begin with about ordering , but discovered RSO on recommendation from another fibro sufferer who had been a customer for a year or so -which was reassuring. I realise it is quite an investment when you are dependant on a low income, like me with only a disability allowance.However a little does go a long way and when the effect is an improvement in your quality of life overall - then it's worth the effort to find the money to pay for it. My order arrived promptly to Ireland - thanks guys for your help.


I have been using RSO for some time now and I have never been disappointed with their products. They are always helpful when I contacted them.the deliver is relatively quick within a week. Thanks again.
Steve mullin.