RSO 20 grams Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a full spectrum, high potency, purified cannabis oil that contains fully activated THC, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, Chlorophyl, and Carotenoids. RSO can be consumed orally, or can also be applied topically to the skin.

***Note: RSO color will be lighter than image. RSO color is determined by the level of filtration and the types of strains used.

The recommended Rick Simpson protocol for stage 2 to 4 cancer is to consume 60 grams of RSO 90 days. This is a necessary for those who have aggressive type cancers that have metastasized.

It is alright to take longer than 90 days, and many patients who are cancer free, continue on daily maintenance doses to prevent their cancers from returning.

Gradually increase the dose to avoid adverse effects.


Rick Simpson Oil Protocol

Below is a suggested outline for increasing the dose until the recommended 1 gram per day is achieved.


Week 1: Start with 3 doses per day (morning, midday, before bed) every 8 hours Half of a grain of rice per dose

Week 2-5: Double your dose every 4 days, maintaining the 3x per day schedule Week 5-12: 1 gram per day (split across 3 doses) until the entire 60 grams of oil is consumed Week 12+: Reduce to a maintenance dose (1-2 grams total per month)


Topical Use

Like Rick’s original success, patients can use RSO 20 grams Rick Simpson Oil topically for skin cancers. Simply place a small amount of RSO on the affected area and cover with a bandage. Change the bandage and apply daily as needed. Many patients report that over time, the cancerous spots will dry, crack, and diminish. Once the area has healed, it is recommended to continue applying RSO for at least two more weeks.


RSO 15 grams

RSO 60 grams Full Treatment : Stage II-IV

RSO 5 grams

RSO 30 grams



Current Research

Lab studies have demonstrated THC and other cannabinoids found in Rick Simpson Oil slowed and reduce the spread of cancer cells. In 2006, the British Journal Of Pharmacology administered pure THC into the tumors of 9 patient. The study demonstrated the impact cannabis had on helping to manage cancer related pain, fatigue, nausea, appetite loss, and other side effects. Some research suggests that cannabinoids are most effective when paired with traditional cancer therapies.

Customer Reviews

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Camron betingwe
Best Thing Ever

I used it to calm down my ADHD and it worked . I am amazed at how things turned out. Thank you guys for making this possible with delivery for me .

Judith sanja
Change our lives

Our Goldendoodle, Larry was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in October 2020 and had to have his front left leg amputated in November 2020. He started chemo shortly after the amputation and before what was supposed to be his last round (May 2021) they found that the cancer spread to his lung. I immediately set up an appointment with rick team and RSO on his protocol. By February 2023 , the cancer in his lung had disappeared. Larry is doing great and is full of life! His regular vet and oncologist cannot believe how well he is doing. We are so thankful to have Larry still with us and we are so thankful for Ricksimpson help. I 1000% recommend this to anyone who wants to help their pet with cancer!

Evelyn donnel

Best recommended full health benefit treatment. Awesome deal and affordable

Oliver Wayne

I am in the UK. When my pup was diagnosed with osteosarcoma I read all the research papers, books and articles I could and decided that cannabis was the best treatment. The quality of CBD in the UK is not adequate and I felt helpess as I could not get the help my girl needed. Then I found this this page and thought I could at least chat on the email and get some advice. My girl had had her leg amputated. She was suffering from phantom limb pain and was clearly depressed. She would yelp and launch across the room then come to me for reassurance several times a day. RSO helped us and within 2 days of taking RSO full treatment medicine, my girl stopped having the phantom limb pain. Over the next week or so, she returned to her crazy self, stealing socks, unravelling toilet rolls, barking at lawn mowers... so many things she hadn't done for months! We are close to 6 months since she first started limping and she is so far clear of any evidence of metastatic disease. Livechat has constantly been there to answer questions and help me whenever I've needed it. I trust his knowledge and know he has my pup's best interest at heart. Whatever happens, I know she has the best quality of life right now, free from pain and anxiety and full of joy.