Have you bought RSO recently in Denver, CO, but with no idea how to measure it? You aren’t alone; many cannabis consumers don’t know how they can measure RSO. Our staff at Rick Simpson Oil can help you find the perfect amount of RSO helps you get the maximum results you seek.


RSO is one of the products made from cannabis extracts that can be applied topically or taken orally. It’s a high-THC that is made by extracting cannabinoids using a solvent. One of the most used solvents to produce Rick Simpson Oil is grain alcohol; other solvents such as butane or ethanol can also be used. >

The producers place the flower part of marijuana in a container; then, they add alcohol. They continue to stir the mixture with a stick as they add solvent until the crop material is completely covered and soaked. After some time, they drain the alcohol from the plant materials left. The extract is placed in a container, then boiled in order for the alcohol used to evaporate. The final product is quality oil that’s dark and thick.

Then, the producers siphon Rick Simpson Oil into an applicator that resembles a syringe for usage, giving it a long shelf life because oxidation doesn’t occur easily. Generally, one syringe of Rick Simpson Oil has a THC of at least 600 mg. But this may vary depending on the source of marijuana. Original RSO is extracted from Indica which often contains higher levels of THC.

The quality of RSO will depend on various things such as:

  • The plant used
  • The level of moisture of the plant
  • The part of the plant used
  • Method of extraction

The plants also determine the color and consistency of RSO. Some strains result in a darker, thicker texture, while others produce a light brown color and sticky oil.


He is a Canadian man who invented the RSO. Rick was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer in 2003 known as basal cell carcinoma. Rick decided to try treating his skin cancer with cannabis extract after he came across research by the National Cancer Institute. According to the study, THC has the ability to eliminate cancer cells. He used to apply the cannabis extract directly to the area affected and then cover it with a bandage.

After some days, Rick removed his bandage, only to find that the affected areas had healed. After Rick recovered, he started to produce the full extract of cannabis to help others suffering from similar conditions, and he is famous for it. And that’s why the full extract is referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).


To get maximum benefits from this oil in Denver, CO, you must know how to measure the amount of RSO correctly. Rick suggests a specific method when consuming RSO. You have to use 60 grams of RSO within 90 days. You need to take three doses every day during the first week, one in the morning, afternoon, and night. RSO is very strong, so your beginning dose must be the size of a half rice grain.

Once the first week is over, you can double the measured dose every four days. It will take you at least three to five weeks before you can take a full gram of RSO per day. Keep on taking one gram a day until you consume 60 grams. Some side effects of taking RSO include psychoactivity and excessive tiredness. After some time, your body will adjust to the high dosage of Rick Simpson Oil; this generally takes around three to four weeks.


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