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How To Consume Rick Simpson Oil RSO 10 grams

To get more accurate information on how to consume Rick Simpson Oil RSO 10 gram, please kindly consult with your medical doctor. The information here will guide you on how to consume RSO generally. But its important to consult your doctor to understand specific conditions. Buy RSO 10 grams online from us with trusted quality and also learn how to consume it with the right dosage.

If dosing orally, it is best to place your dose of RSO under your tongue. You can also simply ingest the dose by placing it on your tongue and swallowing. Keep in mind, RSO is extremely potent, so you do need to be careful about measuring your dose. If using a prefilled syringe, dispense your dose onto a spoon, piece of food, or another object before placing the dose in your mouth.

How to Use RSO 20 grams Syringe Week-by-Week

RSO syringes contain numerous doses of RSO because your initial dose amount is so small. One 0.5 mL RSO syringe may actually deliver up to 40 doses. The general guideline proposed by Rick Simpson is to consume about 60 grams of RSO over a 90-day period. You must adjust the dose gradually over the course of time to give your body time to adjust to each new dosage.

What are the correct dosage for RSO intake for health treatment?

Week 1

Your starting dose should be only about half the size of a rice grain, which would be roughly a quarter of a drop of RSO. This dose should be taken three times a day, or roughly every eight hours, for the first week.

Weeks 2 – 5

Double your dose at the beginning of week two. From here on out, you will actually double your dose every four days until you reach the max dose of 1 gram daily. Essentially, once you have grown accustomed to the effects, you will be taking about 8 or 9 full drops about every eight hours.

Weeks 6 – 12

Continue your 1 gram per day regimen throughout the remaining weeks. You can complete the regimen once you have taken 60 grams of RSO. However, some people continue with a “maintenance dose” beyond the 12-week marker. If you do decide to follow a maintenance regimen, keep in mind you should reduce your dose to a more conservative place. For example, you may choose to take only a few grams per month evenly distributed into small doses.

Summary On How To Use RSO

Before starting an RSO regimen, you should consult a physician. With proper medical guidance, RSO has shown to provide a complementary or alternative treatment for many medical conditions. For RSO, it’s recommended to take 60 grams of RSO over a 90-day period. Users have reported a bitter taste that can be alleviated by introducing RSO into foods.

During the first week, users will take three daily doses every eight hours. Users should take a dose during the morning, middle of the day, and at night. Each dose will be about ¼ of a drop, or the size of half a grain of rice.

During weeks two through five, users should double their dose every four days. It can take up to five weeks for users to consume one gram per day. During weeks five through 12, users will take one gram of RSO per day until all 60 grams are consumed. By the end of the process, users will be taking a dose nine times larger than the ¼ of a drop they took at the beginning of the process.

Can you smoke RSO?

In terms of how RSO is used, you might be asking yourself can you dab RSO? Instead of dabbing RSO, the primary methods of consuming it are as follows :

  • Taking it sublingually under your tongue
  • Ingesting it as a capsule
  • Applying it topically

Different Methods Of Consuming Or Administering Rick Simpson Oil RSO

The RSO has been made in different form to ease the dynamics in administration base on patience preferences. They are basically three forms of consuming this canabis extracts which includes;

Trust Only the Best RSO Oil from a Good Dispensary

When consuming a product as potent as RSO oil, it’s critical that you get a well-tested product with reliable potency levels. Not to mention, therapeutic outcomes can be detrimentally affected if the RSO syringe you buy is not what it’s claimed to be. Check out our menu at In Good Health to get a look at RSO syringes we have available at our dispensary.


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