RSO 10 grams


Here’s a list of issues that RSO oil can be used for.

  • Seizures
  • Loss of appetite
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • And more


When talking about medical marijuana, Rick Simpson Oil is the number one and to How To Consume Rick Simpson Oil RSO 10 grams is another thing.

RSO oil is a THC concentration that offers medical marijuana to patients in many parts of the world like Florida.

Read along to understand How To Consume Rick Simpson Oil RSO 10 grams, and how it came to be medical marijuana.

RSO 10 grams

The RSO 10grams is part of the Rick Simpson oil.

It is said that this RSO 10 gram can do a lot of work than ever imagine.

Also, it was invented by Rick Simpson.

Even though Rick Simpson had experimented with cannabis for minor ailments.

But around 2003, he was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer.

Marvelously, he went ahead and created his own medicine

Because of this, he felt like using concentrated cannabis.

He was left with a dark, viscous liquid that was abundant in cannabinoids, mostly THC.

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Medical Benefits of RSO 10 grams

It is not only used to cure cancer but also good medicine for pain relief.

As a concoction high in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it can also treat insomnia, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, and a variety of other major diseases.

How to use Rick Simpson Oil RSO 10 grams

Anyone thinking of taking RSO should consult their physician before using it

How ever, Simpson advocates for a dosage regimen that consumes 60 grams of RSO over a 90day period.

The doses are typically done in different segments or week  segments, where week one (1) would include three doses per day of about 1/4 a drop of RSO, weeks two (2) to five would double the dosage each time until you reach one gram per day, and weeks five (5) to 12 dole out one gram per day until reaching the full 60 grams over the 90 days.

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Harper brown

Happy to see the package being arranged in a very good form. Was able to track it down with the site . Thanks guys .

Charlotte James
Fast shipping

Happy this came through in time . I am amazed at how you all put in work and time with concern. Keep up the good work .

Benjamin Armstrong
Phenomenal work

Fantastic people. So helpful. The RSO is premium quality and at a very good price. Shipping to the other side of the world and it arrived in less than a week. I would not buy from anyone else. My friend had lung cancer which was inoperable. Although she was also on immunotherapy this was only attempting to stop the tumours growing. Three rounds of RSO and the tumours have gone. RSO is an amazing natural medicine that will never be ‘proven’ to cure cancer; big Pharma will ensure the research is never done, it would lose billions in revenue. They don’t want to cure you they want you to keep taking their drugs and paying for life. RSO is safe, relatively cheap and works.

Noah gaff
Positive effects

This medicine is absolutely phenomenal. It seems to have ‘turbo charged’ healing properties as it has helped my neurological symptoms like no other! It has given me the gift of sleep and much needed relief from nerve pain and my brain is finally functioning again!!! It is a safe and natural gift straight from Mother Nature! I feel truly blessed to have found it! Thank you for your amazing work!

Isabella William

I’ve ordered from this team for a few months now. The ordering process has gotten easier and the last order I got from them arrived in just a few days time.